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Following a difficult four-year period of falling prices, stagnant markets and investor skepticism, the mining industry finally turned a long-awaited corner in 2016. As the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s astonishing rise to the White House fueled financial instability, investors were quick to take shelter in the safe havens of the precious metals markets. Gold and silver prices enjoyed a strong rally during 2016 and indications suggest the positive direction will continue, for a while at least. As the tide turns, the mining community must now work in unison to ensure it capitalizes on the coming opportunities.

At this crucial juncture, Mexico Mining Review 2018 will provide an in-depth and timely overview of the latest developments, trends, achievements and challenges in the Mexican industry. Mexico Mining Review provides business and political leaders with the information and industry analysis necessary for success in the Mexican mining industry. Our previous editions are a testament to the perfect positioning we offer to the key stakeholders of the Mexican and international public and private sectors. This year’s edition will focus on three main themes. Firstly, the book will analyze macroeconomics and the recovery and regulatory clarity that is beginning to be established after the changes to the mining tax in 2014. This will be bolstered by companies’ need to be ever more sustainable and respectful of the environment, which is the only way to reinforce the sector over the long term. The third theme will deal with the emerging importance of automation and communication technologies, and the new solutions companies are seeking to increase production levels and ensure the longevity of mining. These themes will bind together to form a narrative of how the mining industry is going from strength to strength in the wake of tough times and how it will emerge in the coming years as a stronger, more efficient and optimized pillar of the economy.

Mexico Mining Review 2018
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