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Mexico Health Review 2017
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Mexico Health Review provides a comprehensive overview of the Mexican healthcare industry, including the latest trends and developments, business strategies, operational and logistic barriers, legal and regulatory issues, and main investment opportunities. This annual publication comprises more than 350 pages of relevant industry information based on more than 175 interviews with the industry leaders and policy makers who are driving the growth and development of the sector.
Mexico Health Review takes advantage of different platforms – print, digital, and iPad – to reach the key players in the healthcare industry both in Mexico and the rest of the world. This publication facilitates the exchange of information among the most influential business leaders in the industry and this way it becomes an instrument for growth.

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  • Cutting-edge interviews with the key decision makers in the Mexican healthcare industry, the political leaders and main policy makers of the sector
  • Dedicated editorial team combining in-depth knowledge of the sector, large experience in covering Mexico’s healthcare industry, and a thorough understanding of global trends and technological advances
  • Editorial cooperation with the leading voices of the Mexican healthcare industry
  • Regular updates on trending topics through our blog
  • Uniquely customized readership that ensures targeted and unprecedented reach among key decision makers in Mexico and around the world
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As 2016 turned the corner into a new year, macroeconomic uncertainty kept the world – and the global business community – on tenterhooks. The Mexican health industry cast a wary eye on events north of the border that were impacting the local exchange rate while also focusing treatment efforts on obesity and diabetes, which continued to top the country’s major health concerns. Considered as epidemics by the government, steps are being taken to eradicate these diseases in the country, especially through prevention. However, universal access to health, a key to promoting prevention in an increasingly aging population that is not accustomed to continuous medical checkups, remains an illusive ideal in the face of a fractured Mexican health system and the large number of people who continue to work informally, which complicates their access to a system marked by budget cuts. In this context, collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital for improving quality of life.

In the private sector, global economic uncertainty, and the election of US President Donald Trump, led large pharmaceutical companies to begin 2017 with some misgivings about peso volatility versus the two major currencies: the dollar and the euro, although initial fears faded as stability returned to the domestic currency. In fact, most continue to report growth and show a commitment to the development of health in Mexico through investments in areas such as clinical research, an area in which the country aspires to become a referent.

The health sector, which represents around 6 percent of the country’s GDP, continues to be a strategic industry for Mexico, a country blessed by an ideal geographical location, neighbor to the US and gateway to Latin America for many companies, and a diverse population. Mexico Health Review 2017 offers key insight into the challenges and the opportunities the industry continues to face, providing top-shelf interviews, analyses, insights and infographics. Mexico Health Review 2017 is essential to understanding the state of the health industry in Mexico today and for the path ahead.

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